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Education Department

The purpose Education Ministry is to equip, train & develop members with biblical understanding God’s word for spiritual growth and enrichment.

Ministry Scripture: Colossians 1:24-28

New Members Class – Connect
A four weeks of course of  foundation teachings on vision of United Faith Center Ministries International along with,  what we believe and being active in the ministry of  United Faith Center Ministries International.

Foundations Class – This course is designed to lay a solid foundation of the principal tenants of the faith.  Subjects such as: prayer, fasting, The Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance and worship. Foundations Class positions and equips the believer to advance in the kingdom of God.

New Believers Discipleship Class – This course instructs the new believer  in  basic  Christian Doctrine.

Evangelism Class – Evangelism Class teaches biblical principles and structures for outreaching.

Children’s Teaching Class – This class is designed to training children in the basics of the Bible. 

Volunteer Support Class – Sharing understanding of guidelines with those who are interested in serving in ministry.

Resource Center/ Library providing the membership with books and to gain further Knowledge and understanding and knowledge of the Gospel.

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